The Next Step towards more Economical 3D Printing Worldwide: NETFORM Engineering is Our New Reselling Partner in Turkey

Kooperation Netform

Creating the best conditions for your own production? Sounds obvious – but it’s only possible if you know what’s possible. NETFORM Engineering, founded in 2010 and based in Izmir, Turkey, has set itself exactly this task: to show its customers in the metalworking industry the best solutions for their production.

In addition to their own products and services, the company also offers a comprehensive service in consulting and procurement of CAE software.

We are Pleased that AM-Studio is Now also Part of the NETFORM Engineering Offer

Due to the new cooperation, Turkish companies now also optimize their 3D printing processes. NETFORM Engineering thus enables numerous manufacturers to prepare even complex components for 3D printing in record time and to produce them “first time right”.

Some of the benefits of AM-Studio were already known to NETFORM Engineering before this cooperation. The company has been working with Simufact Engineering for more than 10 years. And CADS Additive also has a partnership with the Hexagon subsidiary: The FEM manufacturing simulation Simufact Additive is included in AM-Studio as standard. NETFORM Engineering therefore knew exactly what level of quality they were relying on with AM-Studio.

“With the cooperation between NETFORM Engineering and CADS Additive we will be able to provide a complete solution combining powerful features of AM Studio and Simufact Additive to design & produce first time right.”

Mert Aygen, Managing Director & Co-Owner at NETFORM Engineering


The Next Step in making Metal 3D Printing even More Economical Worldwide

For us at CADS Additive, the new cooperation with NETFORM Engineering means taking another step towards our goal: To make metal 3D printing more economical, easier and better around the world.

We are looking forward to the collaboration! And who knows where our joint journey will take us. After all, as a development partner, NETFORM Engineering is committed to advancing existing solutions – just like we do at CADS Additive.

“I am very pleased to be working with NETFORM Engineering. Together, we are supporting the Turkish market with AM-Studio and closing the gap of data preparation in 3D printing using the Powder Bed Fusion process. With AM-Studio and the Simufact integration, we combine two important steps in metal 3D printing.”

Daniel Plos, Sales Director at CADS Additive

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