Welcome to Our Team, Yvonne!

We at CADS Additive have reason to celebrate: We have a new colleague! Since February 2023 Yvonne is supporting us with her good mood, true to her motto: “Smile and the world changes.” Oh yeah, and of course she also takes care of all office work that arises in our back office.

Before her path led her to us, she had already experienced a lot professional experiences. Good for us, because we now benefit from her experience as an office manager, executive secretary, and freight forwarder.She also knows a lot about setting up businesses and has proven how important humanity is to her during her training and work as a vibration therapist.

Just like us. And this is exactly where our paths met.

Yvonne applied to CADS Additive because we were already able to convince her of our human and collegial interaction in our job advertisement. She shares the same opinion as we do: A harmonious team makes better work and a company really strong. Well, our football table and our passion for good coffee probably also contributed a little to Yvonne’s decision to join CADS Additive.

We are really happy to have Yvonne on our team. How lucky for us that she didn’t decide to write a book about job interviews and companies after all. Because that’s what she was thinking about before she applied for a job with us.

With this in mind: Welcome to CADS Additive GmbH, dear Yvonne!

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