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Print Job

Creation and selection of the requested machine. All the parts needed which are already prepared and equipped with support structures are loaded into this print job and further are assigned and parameters are adjusted if necessary.

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Model Tree

Assignment of the optimal support structure by using Model Tree. Calculated support regions can be filtered by individual settings and highlighted in different colours. These regions can than be assigned to a predefined status. These regions can than be assigned to a predefined status.

Tutorial Tree Line
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Tree Line

Build of a support that exists of several geometries to one component. By using the feature Line Thickening this support can be enlarged at a defined position by a selected value.

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Block Gusset

Reducing material and build time by optimizing the support structure Block. The needed support from a big part surface is reduced to a small area on the building platform.

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Explanation from loading the part and selection of the requested machine, appropriate configuration of your AM-LOCK system, part orientation, selection and assignment of the support structures and post processing as well as specific and individual usable features.

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Support Set

Creation of several individual settings of a component. Within one print job several support structures can be assigned to one component and aligned in different directions.

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By interpolating of the triangles created in the support structures round geometries are generated. Therefore, improved buildability is guaranteed.