Build Processor

The Fast and Resource-Saving Solution for Data Preparation in Metal 3D Printing

Geometry by Leap71

Faster from Design to your Finished Part

From the idea to the 3D printing design, there are no shortcuts. But there is on the way from the 3D printing design to the finished part. With Titan.Core, you use an innovative algorithm that reduces the effort of data preparation to a minimum.

Titan.Core within the 3D Printing Process

The build processor is the interface between the software and the 3D printer. Its algorithm converts the CAD data of the part design during slicing and hatching into the print data the 3D printer needs to produce the component.

Titan.Core has revolutionized this process step.

Titan.Core is an innovative algorithm that sets new standards in the preparation of print data. It reduces the resources required to a minimum. Shorter computing times, low computer utilization, completely new possibilities in the production of metal components – with Titan.Core you take your 3D printing processes to the next level.

Performance Benefits for Your Data Preparation

  • Slicing and Hatching in Record Time

    Titan.Core’s innovative algorithm slices and hatches up to 30 times faster than other build processors. This reduces the time required for data preparation to a minimum.

  • Premium Performance even on Standard Workstations

Titan.Core is based on a novel neutral format and works with an innovative algorithm. Both reduce the computer’s working memory load. Consequently, preparation of print data is possible even on standard workstations.

  • Suitable even for Complex Geometries

    Even with highly complex geometries, Titan.Core remains fast and memory-saving. This was proved at the latest in the Aerospike-Experiment, where one of the world’s most complex components was handed over to the 3D printer after just 8 minutes of build preparation.

  • Facilitates Finite Element Simulations

    Optional process steps of data preparation also succeed faster and easier with Titan.Core. For example, the build processor reduces the computing times of otherwise time-consuming FEM simulations to a fraction of the usual time.

  • Can be Used in a Wide Range of Application Environments

    Titan.Core is compatible with almost all system environments. It achieves its high-performance even on standard workstations and regardless of the operating system. Titan.Core also allows great freedom in the choice of 3D printer.

  • Titan.Core reduces Printing Costs

    Faster, more resource-efficient and “first time right” through combination with other software components: Titan.Core’s individual performance benefits reduce the overall cost of each printed component.

This is How You Benefit with Titan.Core

For Users

Titan.Core is included by default in the software solution AM-Studio. This allows you to optimize your 3D printing process down to the last detail – for better results and more economical printing processes.

For Provider

More performance for your products: With Titan.Core as a service or a fixed component in your products, your customers benefit from the advantages of the innovative algorithm.

Sounds too good to be true?

Convince yourself and request a free-of-charge demo-licence!

Thanks to Leap71 for the provided geometry used in the cover image.

Aerospike Design by Josefine Lissner on software from Hyperganic Group.