3D Printing Simulation

Your 3D Print as a digital Finite Element Manufacturing Simulation: Knowing the Result even before you start printing.

Geometry designed by Aitor Amigo López


Thanks to the easy-to-understand simulation of your part in AM-Studio, you can detect deviations from the target state even before printing. This way, when you start your build job, you know exactly what you will hold in your hands after production.

For all those who do not have Time to Fail in Production

Your resources are precious. But the process of your additive component manufacturing involves many risks, some of them wasted. If a print job fails, in the worst-case scenario you start all over again: troubleshooting, adjusting parameters and data preparation consume capacities that you could have invested in new projects already. With a simulation according to the Finite Element Method (FEM), you reduce these risks to a minimum and get the best out of all your resources:

  • Time – Faster than your Competitors

    Every print costs time. By simulating your part, you use every minute effectively instead of wasting it on manufacturing errors. While your competitors are postponing delivery dates due to failed production attempts, you are already planning the next project.

  • Material – Saving Resources for your Company and the Environment

    Every print costs material. With the simulation of your part, you invest every particle of metal powder in components ready to use. If manufacturing turns out not to be within your tolerances, you will know before the print job is started. As a result, the number of misprints drops to a record low – and so does your material consumption per finished part. On top of that, an attempt to save material by using fewer support structures only costs you a few clicks with the simulation embedded in AM-Studio. The simulation tells you exactly whether the planned support structures give your 3D printed part the necessary strength or not.

  • Budget – Lower Costs due to Fewer Misprints

    Every print job costs money. If your part deforms during the printing process, this can lead to the abortion of your build job. The laser stops, the printer shuts down and the valuable capacity of the printer remains without usable results. By simulation, you can identify the areas where severe deformation is. In this way, you can prevent print aborts and make good use of every second of your printing time.

  • Customer Satisfaction – More Planning Reliability for you and your Customers

    Every print job has a deadline. With FEM simulation of your parts, you can accurately predict their quality. And thus its expected completion. This increases the likelihood of delivering on time. An advantage that makes you THE business partner for your target group.

  • Motivation – Successes that make your Team stronger

    Your team grows with its successes. Mistakes are instructive – but also expensive and demotivating. In 3D printing simulation, design mistakes cost just a few clicks. As a result, both novices and experts in additive manufacturing generate results that are accurate to the plan. Thereby, motivation to take on new challenges grows all by itself.

Thought of Everything: Finite Element Simulation in AM-Studio takes all Parameters into Account

You know the requirements your part must withstand in its planned application. The simulation in AM-Studio knows how to test it. According to the Finite Element Method, it takes into account all parameters that can cause a change in the component quality.

  • Thermal

    During printing, the material is exposed to temperature differences of several hundred degrees. The simulation in AM-Studio mimics the thermal changes to the component and shows you where the resulting stresses govern in changed part quality.

  • Support Structures

    Support geometries give your part stability during printing. However, after completing the print and clearing the part from supports and the build platform, it needs to be true to size and stay that way. For this reason, the simulation in AM-Studio can take into account possible effects of the support geometries during printing and after post-processing if required.

  • Preformations

    The clear preview of the printed part shows you exactly how large deformations will. You can check the effects of your calculated predeformations immediately – even before you invest time or material.

Make 3D Printing Simulation an Integral Part of your Processes

AM-Studio makes digital manufacturing simulation of your parts easier than ever before. It is already part of the default data preparation workflow – just run it before executing your build job.

  • Stay in the Flow: No Exports necessary

    In AM-Studio, simulation takes place directly within the system environment of your data preparation. No external simulation software is required. This eliminates the need for additional data exports and imports, eliminating potential sources of data I/O error.

  • All-Inclusive instead of Software Puzzle

    In AM-Studio you use powerful software components without any additional investment. The simulation tool is already included as a standard feature and optimally adapted to your requirements. Get to know AM Studio!

  • Bundled Know-How

    With Finite Element Simulation in AM-Studio, you benefit from the know-how and experience of two experts in additive manufacturing: CADS Additive and Simufact. The simulation software Simufact Additive forms the basis of the simulation tool in AM-Studio. Its results have contributed to the error-free implementation of countless build jobs in the manufacturing industry for many years. To ensure that simulation fits perfectly into your data preparation, the experts at CADS Additive have integrated the tool into the software solution AM-Studio in a user-friendly manner. This way, you benefit from all advantages of both software elements during your data preparation.

    Learn more about the cooperation of CADS Additive and Simufact

The 3D Printing Simulation that Fits your Requirements

Specifically for 3D printing in the Selective Laser Melting process and specifically for your prerequisites: AM-Studio and the integrated simulation tool are compatible with almost any hardware. The software is optimally adapted to 3D printers of numerous manufacturers already. Thanks to the novel Titan build processor, the software is highly performant – even on standard workstations.

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