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Daniel Plos

Fresh breeze at CADS Additive. After his initial professional education, he took a completely different direction. For our sake. In his position as Sales Director he has found his personal new challenge. In the following interview, Daniel reveals how his journey led him to Perg, what fascinates him about additive manufacturing technology, and further gives some private insights.

After about 15 years in your past position as Head of Sales for manufacturing solutions,you decided to change your business scenery. So, how did you end up at CADS Additive?
15 years ago, I started my career in Sales for CAD/CAM products. Within the last couple of years, focus was put more and more on additive manufacturing. In 2017 I switched from conventional manufacturing to the additive sector and built up a new business unit in the field of Multi Jet Fusion technology, that was relatively new to my former company. Here, I caught fire for additive manufacturing. As the Austrian market turned out to be toosmall for the MJF technology and, at the same time, I figured out an opportunity to be part of global projects at CADS Additive, I immediately took up this challenge.

Which sector at CADS Additive is your professional playground?
Without any doubt, Sales. I really like to work with people and together with our team I figure out solutions for the additive problems in the worldout there.

So, what is part of you daily business? How does your typical workroutine look like?
Unfortunately, the typical work routine has changed recently. Most of the time work takes place in the office or home office. Apart from that, I am on site at our customers or prospects to present our products and work out solutions.
But now, my daily working routine looks a little bit different. After my way to kindergarten, where I drop our son off, I am off for coffee and then go on to customer meetings. In between, there is space for internal meetings and strategic things. I hope, increased in physical form again soon.

Initially, you had planned something different for your professional career. But then you have decided for your career in the field of sales. How did it come and what do you especially like among your tasks in your position as a Sales Director?
After my apprenticeship for the profession as an electrician and further occupations as technician with an international context a tendency towards sales came up more and more within my personality profile. Due to much trial-and-error, further trainings, and my wish to do work that I really enjoy, I finally ended up at sales.
The first year in sales kind of reminded me of the “Truman Show” but the situation soon has cleared up ?. The most important things to me as a sales director are self-efficacy, to work independently, and to bring colleagues and employees a step further in their own personal development.

In private one of your hobbies is scuba diving. Besides that, you are quite sporty, especially outdoors. Is there any special ability or lesson that you can also benefit from in your daily business?
Scuba diving is about preparation, communication, orientation, and trust. I think these skills can be used quite well for sales. A diving accident some years ago taught me to stand up again, learn from your own mistakes, get a grip on fear, and be aware of what is truly important in life.

What do you think about the topic additive manufacturing and what fascinates you in person about it?
I am fascinated by the revolutionary thought and this technology per se in regard of the future. At the moment, the whole world is changing again because of digitalization and it is real fun being part of this change. Progress cannot be stopped but you can help shaping it. Progress cannot be stopped but you can help shaping it.

So, do you have a role model or a slogan that supports you?
In general, I really like to listen to podcasts and e-books while driving or to attend speeches to get motivated. Also, the classic book always finds its place. Among this league, especially Dieter Lange, Stephen R. Covey, and Dale Carnegy are really inspirational to me. Steve Jobs‘ slogan „Stay hungry – be different“ also applies quite well. Steve Jobs‘ slogan “Stay hungry – be different” also applies quite well.

You started your position at CADS Additive about three months ago and became a team member at a rather unusual time – keywords shutdown and home officeas already mentioned early. Nevertheless, how would you describe the working environment at CADS Additive?
The honest character and the friendly environment have fit my expectations from the first meeting. You can feel that everybody is pulling together to get the best result for customers. I am glad I found a company where humour and fun still have a place at work.

What distinguishes CADS Additive for you as an employer?
The fact, of CADS Additive being a local manufacturer with international reach. It is key for the Austrian location to develop products on their own and bring them into the world. Here at CADS Additive, you can creatively contribute and design success together.

Do you have a motto that supports you on your professional path?
DO – just DO.

… and in private?
Give every day the chance to be the best in your life.

Looking back at your professional career so far, is there anything you are especially proud of?
Having done every step on my own.

Finally, just in one short sentence –what would you like to give our readers ontheir way?
Not the happy one is thankful but the thankful is happy. THANKS

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