CADS Additive and Additech form a relationship

CADS Additive and Additech

CADS Additive and Additech form a relationship to set metallic additive manufacturing up for education.

CADS Additive GmbHan Austrian manufacturer of high-performance algorithms and software solutions for data preparation for metallic additive manufacturing, and Additech AS, a Norwegian additive manufacturing company, announce a close collaboration by using CADS Additive’s software solution AM-Studio to establish additive manufacturing in education programs as well as in-house education centers and training programs.

“With AM-Studio we chose the optimal solution. Intuitive, high-performing, fast, and simple.”

Espen Matre, CTO at Additech (Image © Additech AS)

The software solution AM-Studio by CADS Additive is a well-established suite for data preparation for 3D metal printing. Due to its highly developed algorithms of its core features part orientation, support, slicing, hatching, and post-processing, AM-Studio is already considered as an outstanding and visionary innovation. The modern user interface together with the intuitive and guided workflow of AM-Studio support users to succeed in their “First Time Right”.

Additech, a well-known Norwegian additive manufacturing company, is expanding their metal 3D printing sector constantly. Looking for the optimal software solution for data preparation led Espen Matre, CTO at Additech, to AM-Studio. “Data preparation for metallic additive manufacturing can take a lot of time, which drives up the costs associated with the products we produce. At Additech we put a lot into data preparation, especially the slicing process, and it became very costly to have failed prints due to the slicing software”, Espen Matre explains. “With AM-Studio we chose the optimal solution. Intuitive, high-performing, fast, and simple. The perfect price-performance ratio compared to more expensive software suites from other software manufacturers in Europe”, Matre continues.

For innovation you have to convince engineers, the best at the very early stages during their education. Therefore, we at Additech want to combine industry and University.

Anders Helland, CEO of Additech

“As we had a very good start with our cooperation for the industrial application of metallic additive manufacturing, we want to reach for more”, Daniel Plos, Sales Director at CADS Additive, says. Additech is part of the Norwegian Catapult program, which has the purpose to support innovative capability of small and medium sized enterprises in specific industry areas in Norway. “Here at Additech we deploy a lived “Hands-on-mentality” as well as learning by doing”, Espen Matre points out. In fact, there is no big market for metal additive manufacturing in Norway. As Additech sees the enormous potential of this technology, Anders Helland, CEO of Additech, wants to establish the company’s mindset of “Learning by doing” within the industry but also university. “For innovation you have to convince engineers, the best at the very early stages during their education. Therefore, we at Additech want to combine industry and University”, Anders Helland announces.

CADS Additive and Additech share the same passion and thoughts. In Austria, CADS Additive plans an application center for workshops. Here, not only customers can take part in trainings and workshops for metal additive manufacturing. Also, school classes or groups of students can make use of the offerings. “We want to bring metal additive manufacturing into school classes at the earliest stage possible. Only when the knowledge and understanding for this technology is spread at these early stages, innovation can be lived later in the industry”, Daniel Plos further states.

CADS Additive already offers Training licenses for their software solutions AM-Studio and AM-Studio for Creo® to allow not only companies in different industries an easy entry into metallic additive manufacturing, but also schools, universities, and single students. For more information on this visit

About CADS Additive GmbH

CADS Additive is a fully owned subsidiary of CADS GmbH, based in Perg, Austria. CADS and CADS Additive are specialized in the development of intuitive and high-performance software solutions for industrial applications. CADS Additive stands for development of outstanding software components and intuitive software solutions for metallic additive manufacturing and is classified as an innovative and competent partner in the field of industrial metal 3D printing worldwide. Besides the field of additive manufacturing CADS has a well-established and reputable history in the medical and engineering industry.

About Additech AS

Additech is a fully owned subsidiary of Prototech, based in Bergen, Norway. Additech delivers additive manufacturing parts and services for use in oil and gas, maritime, aerospace, and renewable energy. Additech provides customers with design guidance, reverse engineering, additive production, and training. By providing training within additive manufacturing to the industry today, Additech is creating a future market need, and future customers with the need for additive manufacturing services.

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