Via CADS Additive and EMUGE-FRANKEN, two companies have opted for a more intensive cooperation whereby both are following one and the same goal with the deepest conviction: Optimizing manufacturing processes. At EMUGE-FRANKEN, there are innovative precision tools which provide the corresponding technological foundation; at CADS Additive, there are top-class data preparation algorithms and software packages for additive manufacturing processes.

Almost every additively-manufactured metal part requires metal-cutting post-processing. For this reason, CADS Additive is always seeking close proximity to tool (machine) manufacturers in order to be able to truly depict the entire process chain of additive manufacturing in its own software products. To experience live-in-action, there are the advantages of this quite intentionally-created consistency from the powder to the chip in the CADS Additive Demo-Centre in Perg. “In this, we can, while working together with our customers, evaluate the feasibility of concrete printing projects as well as, if required, conduct any targeted fine-tuning”, describes Daniel Plos, Sales Director at CADS Additive, an offer for which, upon the machine side, in addition to a LASERTEC 30 SLM powder bed machine from DMG Mori, a universal processing centre from the same manufacturer that has been equipped with EMUGE-FRANKEN’s tools is available. The goal of the intensified cooperation with EMUGE-FRANKEN is to link the data preparation and/or the preparation process upon the software side even more strongly with the following processing steps as Daniel Plos reveals.


“We regard this technology partnership as an essential success factor for the future. By means of bundled know-how, we want to help the customers to attain additional increases in efficiency and productivity.

Josef Kröll, Sales Manager for Austria at EMUGE-FRANKEN


About CADS Additive GmbH

CADS Additive is a 100 % subsidiary of CADS GmbH with its headquarters in Perg, Austria. As an innovative and competent partner in the segment of industrial metallic 3D printing, CADS Additive offers, upon the one hand, intuitively-operable total solutions as well as the additive manufacturing software family AM-Studio, but, on the other hand, also individual software modules as well as top-class algorithms which substantially reduce the CAD-to-print time.



Precision and innovation – already during the manufacture of the first high-speed cutting tools, the company that was founded in 1920 committed itself to the fulfillment of both of these core values. A tradition which continues even to this very day because, with both product brands EMUGE and FRANKEN, for now more than 100 years, technology milestones have again and again been set in high-speed cutting, drilling, testing, clamping and milling technology.

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