Proud to welcome our new reselling partner L.R.P.S!

We proudly welcome our new reselling partner Laser Rapid Production System Ltd. who will from now on provide our customers in Israel with our software solution AM-Studio.

L.R.P.S is the leading company for Industrial Additive Manufacturing in Israel. Supporting its customers throughout all industrial additive manufacturing processes, in L.R.P.S. companies will find the full solution for their additive manufacturing department from the hardware to the software as well as other additive manufacturing services. The mission and vision of L.R.P.S is to provide their customers the best solution for the most innovative technology in the highest quality.

We at L.R.P.S. are more than pleased to collaborate with CADS Additive. Our aim is to provide our customers the best solution for their metallic additive manufacturing processes. By distributing AM-Studio among our customers, we feel confident to achieve this goal!”

Mordechai Jana, CEO L.R.P.S Ltd.

We are looking forward to good collaboration with L.R.P.S. – Welcome to the CADS Additive family!

On our website you will find more information about our reseller network. If you have any questions on our software solutions as well as demos or trainings, please contact us via

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