AM-LOCK Configurator

AM-LOCK is THE solution for the essentially easier and more precise post-processing of additively manufactured components. Moreover, in addition to the revolutionary hardware, the customized software plug-in is offered. Through this combination, you obtain not only time, but rather also the quality of your product.

Data preparation

  • the segmentation of the construction panel is individually-adaptable to the respective construction task
  • selection of the possible segments from one’s own database
  • integration of the AM construction process directly into the segmented digital assembly space
  • preparation of the follow-up processes (turning, milling, measuring, …) via interfaces to customer-specific, third-party software components (e.g. CAM)
AM-LOCK Palletizing System

High Data Consistency

While the AM-LOCK hardware allows you to have cross-domain interaction with your additively manufactured component, the software plug-in offers you the corresponding digital basis for the defi nition of both the AM construction process as well as also of the required follow-up processes (machining, measuring routines, etc.).

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AM-LOCK is available for AM-Studio, AM-Studio for Creo® und Ansys Additive Prep. More information is available upon request: