AM-Studio for Creo®

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Seamlessly integrated into the customary interface of PTC Creo®, AM-Studio for Creo® combines all the advantages of PTC systems with the advantages of additive manufacturing.


AM-Studio for Creo®

The requirements for product development are higher than ever. The themes of lightweight construction, resource consumption and unit price demand intelligent geometry. By using additive manufacturing, topology-optimized components can be manufactured because they, in contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, enable maximum design possibilities.

AM-Studio for Creo® is an innovative all-in-one solution for PTC Creo® (beginning with version Creo® 3.0). Analysis, support geometry generation, slicing and hatching as well as additional processes in additive manufacturing have been combined with the functional diversity of PTC Creo®. Above all, with regards to post-processing procedures such as quality assurance, milling with Creo® CAM or measuring with Creo® CMM, this well-conceived combination offers the decisive additive advantage.

Constantly-Updated Support Geometry

  • Clear aggregation of regions to be supported
  • Easy support for individual divisions or entire components
  • Novel, metal-optimized Tree and AdaptiveCell support services
  • Up to 40 % in time, volume and material savings
  • Automated recalculation of support geometry after changes in geometry or the position of the component
  • Completely parametrizable support geometry
  • Simplified post-processing
  • Pre-defined templates for partially-automated support geometry generation
  • Additional templates for support strategies are freely-definable

Visualization of all slices

  • Fully-automated generation of machine control data via our Additive.Core module
  • High speed and low-resource consumption
  • Large number of slicing parameters and configuration settings
  • Depiction and validation of individual slices in PTC Creo®

Best Orientation

Determination of the ideal orientation in the sense of

  • Construction time
  • Required but minimal support geometry
  • Thermal warping to be expected
  • Surface finish quality to be expected

High-Performing and Resource-Saving

  • Significant speed advantages with lower requirements for computing power – particularly for highly-complex parts by our Additive.Core module
  • Time and thus cost savings due to the optimized support geometry

User-Friendly and Intuitive

  • Easy determination of the best component orientation with regards to construction time, quality, support structure, warping tendency, etc. via OrientationMaps
  • Continuous workflow

Flexible and Adaptable

  • Communication with all technologies of the additive manufacturing possible
  • Optimized for the metal-based SLM process – other materials and processes possible upon request

Practical and Process-Oriented

  • Everything in one software environment – works on a standard data model, optimizes the data preparation process
  • Changes are adaptively incorporated for the further data preparation process




AM-Studio for Creo Import

Import of components to be manufactured and selection of desired machine


AM-Studio for Creo AM-LOCK

Choice of appropriate palette configuration of your AM-LOCK system*


AM-Studio for Creo Orientation

Determination of the optimal position for your component via OrientationMaps


AM-Studio for Creo Support Regions

Aggregation of all surfaces to be supported to support regions and assignment with support structures


AM-Studio for Creo Support Types

Choice of the ideal support types outside of common support geometries as well as special support types


AM-Studio for Creo Verification

Verification of created slices within the Slice Viewer


AM-Studio for Creo Export

Documentation and export of data into required and supported formats


AM-Studio for Creo Post Processing

8. Post-processing* using Creo®-specific software solutions

* Post-processing of manufactured parts can be easily integrated into the 3D-printing process through Hirtisation® combined with the AM-LOCK system.