Additive Manufacturing and secured data distribution

additive manufacturing and secured data distribution

In times of proceeding digitalisation in all working areas of several industries but also within companies, secured data distribution is one of the most important, but also one of the most sensitive topics. SDAM Alliance (secure distributed additive manufacturing) made it its business to take up this topic for additive manufacturing, and to work on this issue in an international research project together with reputable companies in the field of additive manufacturing. CADS Additive is part of this project.

To transfer project-specific data from A to B, no matter if they are strictly confidential or not, secure transportation infrastructure is needed, like on every other way of transportation. SDAM Alliance’s research project deals with evaluation and definition of all relevant cornerstones to ensure secured data distribution in the additive manufacturing environment. The aim of this project is, to aggregate all requirements of every party involved in an end-to-end security chain and to evaluate these requirements. They reach from the creation of the digital 3D data through their preparation up to 3D printing of the components.

The importance of additive manufacturing as well as the extent of the application of this technology became clear by the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Hence, within this market-oriented research project focus is put on bringing industry, IT, and research together, to accelerate development of secured data distribution in the field of additive manufacturing. As of March 2021, around 100 companies are already part of this great and visionary partnership.

The whole team of CADS Additive is proud to be one of these partners and is looking forward to great collaboration within this project as well as the results.

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